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About THE Dream

We are Dreamcatcher’s Care, an institution found on the inspiration of our institutors to cultivate the customary approach of early education and care. We have implemented sustainable implications to transform educational practices, receptive to the needs of our program.

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Schedule a Chat with our Director of Admissions

It’s never too early to begin the application process. Rea Taylor Director of Admissions and Outplacement, can be reached via email at Mrs. Taylor will be able to assist you with all questions and onboarding procedures.  

Our Latest News

Now Enrolling!

Now accepting new enrollments. Schedule a tour today!

Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp will begin June 12, 2023. Limited seats available. To learn more go under the Curriculum & Programs tab.

Now Accepting CAPS

As of October 1, 2022 our facility will be welcoming all CAPS families. 

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